The History of Marlee – Texen

Understand the origins of a world leader.

Our 50+ years of expertise come with strong foundations.

Based in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Marlee – Texen was first established in 1972. Over the years, we have acquired industry experts who have helped us gain the expertise to build Marlee – Texen. 

After being acquired by Texen, a business unit of PSB Industries, we have continued to excel. Our Fitchburg, MA location consists of three buildings focusing on different markets: Healthcare/Medical, Luxury and Beauty, Consumer, Packaging, Automotive, and Industrial in general.

With over 50 years of experience in injection molding, Marlee – Texen now boasts the best solutions and equipment so we can meet our customer’s high standards for quality, service, price, and product.

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The Inception
Marlee was established in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and focused entirely on injection molds manufacture.
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ISO Certification
ISO Certification 9001
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Marlee – Texen-Texen
Marlee – Texen was acquired by Texen, a business unit of PSB Industries.
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FDA Certification
Through our dedication to improvement and international standards, we earned 13485 Certification from USFDA.
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Plastibell Division
Marlee became an official part of the Plastibell Medical Division.
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Plastibell Division
PSB Group sold the Plastibell Division
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Texen Division
Our journey continues as part of TEXEN. Marlee – Texen looks forward to providing high-quality, tested, and approved products across various markets.
Upgrade your products with our expertise built over 5 decades.
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