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Marlee – Texen:
Your Go-To Custom Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer
Marlee – Texen offers injection molding services for multiple markets: Healthcare, Luxury & Beauty, Consumer Goods, Packaging and Automotive. We are a leader in the injection molding manufacturer industry, and we produce high-quality, custom-designed, and high-volume plastic products.
Our custom automation, complex work cells, molding process, and innovative design and manufacturing process provide our customers with reduced costs, greater efficiency, and improved product consistency. As one of the top injection molding manufacturing companies in the USA, we ensure that our products are manufactured within a short turnaround and added value.
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100+ expert and motivated persons working in a successful collaboration.
Million Parts

230 million parts manufactured yearly in our shops

42 injection machines highly automated
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7000 square feet at two production buildings. 

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 1000 square feet in our tool shop building

50 Years of Trust
and Excellence
Marlee – Texen has proudly been in operations for over 50 years, manufacturing the best quality products and offering comprehensive plastic injection molding services. Our hard work and expertise have made us a globally recognized plastic injection company.
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Healthcare/ Medical industries require precision and quality materials and devices. As plastic medical device manufacturers, we specialize in producing injection molded products for various medical applications. We are also known as FDA registered medical device manufacturers and adhere to the highest quality standards.
The beauty industry largely demands custom plastic injection molded components. Marlee – Texen is one of the best plastic products manufacturers that provides a variety of single-use disposable plastic to maintain hygiene and safety.
It is no surprise that the demand for plastic is constantly growing. As one of the leading plastic manufacturing companies, we understand the importance of providing high-quality and affordable products. Our expertise lies in injection molding, allowing us to create a wide range of plastic items that are used in various industries and everyday life.

In the realm of consumer goods, ranging from food items to fashionable clothing, every single industry necessitates the utilization of outstanding packaging material. It’s no secret that an eye-catching and well-designed front cover is often the initial factor that piques a potential customer’s interest.

A trusted injection company, Marlee – Texen specializes in providing high-quality parts for automotive industries. As injection mold builders, we have the expertise and experience to create durable and reliable parts that meet the industry’s highest standards. Our plastic injection factory is dedicated to producing custom injection molded plastic parts that are meticulously crafted to meet the specific requirements of cars and other vehicles.
Colorful educational toys for children's learning activities.

Our advanced mold designing technologies, specifically tailored for sports equipment and toys, are incredibly versatile and adaptable to cater to any end user product or particular specification requirements. By employing these state-of-the-art design techniques, we ensure that the final outcome not only meets but also exceeds customer expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and aesthetics.

Our Industry
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Plastic Injection
Molding Service in Boston

Boston, the heart of Massachusetts, is renowned for its robust and innovative injection molding industry. Here, at the forefront, stands Marlee – Texen in Boston, a leading supplier of injection molded components, providing optimal solutions for businesses seeking the utmost quality and precision.

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The Importance of Plastic Injection Molding in Boston

The injection molding process is an integral part of the Boston manufacturing sector, one that’s indispensable in the production of high-quality plastic products. Leveraging the versatility of thermoplastics, Marlee – Texen utilizes advanced techniques to meet the diverse molding needs of businesses, transforming raw material into a multitude of components critical to various industries.

When it comes to high-volume production, few methods rival the efficiency and consistency of plastic injection molding. This process allows Boston-based businesses to achieve economies of scale, accelerating product development and enhancing overall manufacturing efficiency. Moreover, as a process, it reduces waste and optimizes resource use, making it an attractive option for businesses conscious about their environmental impact.

With precision as a paramount focus, Marlee – Texen ensures that every mold — from the simplest to the most complex designs — is produced to meet the highest standards. We are dedicated to serving Massachusetts and beyond with exceptional attention to detail, aiming to deliver products that seamlessly integrate into our clients’ operations.

Whether you require a one-off prototype or a large batch of components, we’ve got you covered. Our quality injection molding service adheres to the strictest industry standards, guaranteeing the reliability and durability of every plastic product we deliver.

In the dynamic landscape of the molding industry, the prowess of a Boston company like Marlee – Texen — renowned for its skillful command over the plastic injection molding process — cannot be overstated. With an unwavering commitment to our clients’ success, we invite you to experience the best in plastic injection molding services, dedicated to your unique needs and specifications.

Types of Plastic Injection Molding Technique

In the world of plastic fabrication, there’s an array of techniques that molding manufacturers utilize. Each method requires careful consideration of multiple factors, such as mold design, resin selection, and injection pressure, which are all critical aspects in the production process of manufacturer of injection molded parts.

Central to the process is the plastic molding machine, which facilitates the actual injection of plastic into molds. However, the technique employed significantly affects the final product. Here at Marlee – Texen, we adopt a range of strategies, each catering to specific project requirements and product specifications.

Insert molding, also known as overmolding, is one such process where a preformed part—usually non-plastic—is inserted into the mold design, and plastic is subsequently injected to form the final part. This technique is renowned for its ability to produce strong, lightweight parts, a capability that has made it a popular choice among manufacturers.

Next in line is blow molding, a process primarily used for creating hollow plastic parts. This technique involves injecting molten plastic into a mold cavity, which is then expanded using compressed air. The plastic takes the shape of the mold, creating a hollow part once it cools and hardens.

Two-shot molding is another technique we employ. It involves the use of two different types of plastic materials in the same injection cycle time. The end product is a single part with different plastic types or colors. This technique is useful in the creation of complex parts and enhances the functionality and aesthetic of the final product.

A relatively newer addition to the plastic extrusions realm is reaction injection molding. This technique involves the high-pressure injection of liquid reactants into a mold where they chemically react and cure to form the final part. This method is popular for its short production times and cost-efficiency.

Lastly, efficient tooling is central to all these techniques. By ensuring precision and quality in our tooling, we at Marlee – Texen guarantee the production of high-quality plastic components. Our wealth of experience in the plastic injection molding industry enables us to recommend and utilize the best technique for your specific needs, assuring optimal results every time.

Why Partner with Us for Plastic Injection Molding

When it comes to plastic injection molding, choosing the right company to partner with is crucial. At Marlee – Texen, we take pride in being one of the leading injection molding companies in the industry. Here are some compelling reasons why you should choose us as your trusted partner:

Comprehensive Services: As a full-service

plastic injection molding company in Boston

, we offer a wide range of services to support your project from start to finish. From initial consultation to mold design and repair, we are your trusted partner at every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and seamless process, saving you time and resources.

Meeting and Exceeding Industry Standards

Marlee – Texen is committed to meeting and exceeding industry standards. We fully understand the critical importance of quality assurance in the automotive and medical device production sectors. Our core principles are centered around a commitment to precision, innovation, and high standards of quality.

At Marlee – Texen, we adhere to a systematic and rigorous approach to ensure all our products meet and surpass set regulations. Our advanced infrastructure, coupled with our superior training programs, ensures we remain at the forefront of the industry. This ongoing commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in our track record of reliability and excellence.

Our certification programs have been meticulously designed to foster a culture of continuous learning, thereby guaranteeing the delivery of quality plastic products that meet the most stringent safety protocols. With a firm grip on industry standards, our approach to delivering high-quality products goes beyond traditional compliance.

We realize that product quality isn’t solely determined during the injection molding process. Therefore, we have embedded post-molding operations into our system to ensure the delivery of finished products with the highest possible quality. These operations include a range of tests and inspections to confirm precision and safety, further testifying to our commitment to exceeding industry standards.

In line with our focus on innovation, we consistently invest in state-of-the-art technology and best practices that not only meet but exceed industry expectations. This allows us to maintain our position as an industry leader, demonstrating an unyielding commitment to high standards of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction with our

plastic injection services in Boston



Medical Injection Molding in Boston

Marlee – Texen prides itself on being a frontrunner in precision medicine and medical device production in Boston. Our commitment to excellence and precision underlines our goal of providing the most reliable and effective injection molding services in the region.

Comprehensive Injection Molding Solutions in Boston

We provide a solution that offers a broad scope of capabilities, ranging from injection mold design to high volume manufacturing. Our cutting-edge machinery, including advanced molding machines and molding presses, equips us with the necessary tools to meet the increasing demands of the medical industry.

Our offerings extend beyond just production; we’re committed to overseeing device lifecycle management, which includes everything from the initial design to the final product launch. This ensures a seamless experience for our clients and guarantees that each product meets the strictest quality standards.

Our suite of comprehensive solutions is designed to address the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it’s designing complex injection molded plastic parts or managing high volume production, we’ve got it covered. Our Boston-based team prides itself on its ability to deliver a range of injection molding services tailored to the unique needs of each project.

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Marlee – Texen offers an easy connection to reach plastic solutions in Boston. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and reliability makes us a top choice for those seeking comprehensive injection molding services. Our team is prepared to tackle any challenge and deliver products that not only meet but surpass client expectations.

Experience and Expertise in Medical Molding

Marlee – Texen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of medical molding. Over the years, we have honed our skills and expanded our capabilities, allowing us to provide a range of services that cater to the unique needs of our clients in the medical industry.

Our team of proficient engineers has extensive experience in working with biocompatible plastics and medical grade materials. This specialization ensures that every product we create meets the rigorous health and safety standards required in medical applications.

Our mastery extends beyond material selection; we’re also proficient in ensuring sterilization compatibility. This crucial aspect of our work ensures that every plastic part we produce can withstand rigorous sterilization processes without degrading, contributing to patient safety and product longevity.

We employ advanced techniques such as medical prototyping and micro molding to manufacture precision injection molded parts. These capabilities allow us to develop and produce complex plastic optics for a variety of medical devices.

To meet the trend of increasing demand for intricate medical components, we’ve invested heavily in advanced printing technology. This technology, combined with our sustainable manufacturing practices, allows us to maintain high-quality production while reducing our environmental impact.

Marlee – Texen’s commitment to excellence, backed by decades of experience and expertise in medical molding, ensures we deliver high-quality, reliable solutions for all your medical molding needs. Trust us to deliver products that meet the highest standards of precision and quality.

Adherence to Regulatory Standards and Safety Protocols

At Marlee – Texen, we understand the crucial role that quality assurance plays in making reliable, safe, and effective medical devices. Our commitment to adherence to stringent regulatory standards and safety protocols has made us a trusted source for injection molded medical parts in the market.

We consistently uphold FDA regulations in all our operations, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and precision. Our state-of-the-art clean room molding facilities reflect our unwavering commitment to safety and protocol adherence, further ensuring the production of high-quality, contamination-free components.

Marlee – Texen adheres to the ISO 13485 standard, a testament to our steadfast dedication to quality in every aspect of our production processes. Our team of skilled professionals understands the ins and outs of this industrial standard, consistently implementing its guidelines in our daily operations.

We take pride in our thorough manufacturing validation process, which guarantees that every product we create meets the precise specifications and tolerances in medical molding. This meticulous approach enables us to maintain the short lead times and competitive costs our clients expect, without compromising on quality or regulation compliance.

Through our comprehensive chain of quality control processes, Marlee – Texen assures our clients that we can deliver reliable, compliant, and superior injection molded parts. Trust us to be your partner in producing top-notch medical devices that stand the test of stringent regulatory standards and safety protocols

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Exceptional Custom Injection
Molding Services in Boston

Marlee – Texen takes pride in offering top-tier, precision injection molding services in Boston. We leverage our in-depth knowledge, vast experience, and advanced technology to deliver custom injection molded parts that not only meet but exceed client expectations

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High-Grade Materials and Advanced Technology

Our commitment to quality extends to the selection of materials. We understand that each plastic material has unique characteristics and thus, the choice of advanced polymer materials is critical in determining the final product’s performance. As such, we carefully examine and sort top plastic types to ensure the best fit for every application.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our industrial injection molding processes maintain the highest standards of precision and consistency. By investing in innovative techniques and machinery, we can produce high-grade injection molded parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances.

Our expertise also extends to thermoplastic injection molding, a versatile process that allows for easy modification and customization during production. This capability provides our clients with the flexibility they need to produce high-quality prototypes and carry out rapid production runs.

In line with the growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions, Marlee – Texen offers sustainable plastic molding services. By incorporating low waste methods and sustainable materials, we help our clients meet their environmental commitments without compromising on the quality or functionality of their 3D printed products.

With Marlee – Texen, clients can trust in our commitment to providing exceptional

custom injection molding in Boston

. We combine high-grade materials and advanced technology to deliver unmatched quality, precision, and sustainability.

Custom Solutions for Complex Requirements

In the intricate world of plastic injection molding, Marlee – Texen leads with custom mold design expertise and innovative custom solutions. We excel at transforming complex design requirements into practical and efficient realities.

Our team’s proficiency extends to managing high volume production, ensuring each plastic component reflects the utmost in precision, quality, and consistency. We tailor our production strategies to suit your unique project demands, offering solutions such as insert molding for intricate part designs.

We pride ourselves on our approach to molding process optimization. Through detailed analysis and continuous improvement, we enhance efficiency and accuracy in every process step, from the initial mold design to the final part inspection.

Plastic closures and other intricate parts demand an unwavering commitment to precision. In response to this, our high tolerance molding techniques ensure each part is produced within strict dimensional limits, guaranteeing an impeccable fit and function for every application.

Meeting the demands of larger components, Marlee – Texen offers specialized large part molding services. No matter the size or complexity of your project, our manufacturing plant is equipped to handle it. This adaptability sets us apart as a versatile manufacturer, ready to meet a diverse range of custom project requirements.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we also incorporate sustainable, biodegradable materials into our processes where feasible. As a forward-thinking factory, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to make our operations more environmentally friendly.

We’re proud to offer a thorough list of plastic molding services, each tailored to suit your project’s unique needs. Trust Marlee – Texen to deliver unparalleled quality, precision, and efficiency in every custom solution we provide.

Why Choose Our Boston Injection Molding Services

Selecting the right partner for your injection molding services is crucial. Here in Boston, Marlee – Texen sets the bar high, making it the choice of many businesses for reliable plastic injection services.

In the specialized sector of medical device molding, we deliver unparalleled precision and accuracy. With our thorough understanding of regulatory requirements, we uphold the highest standards of quality for every medical plastic part we produce.

Marlee – Texen also specializes in prototype molding, offering fast turnaround times and exceptional precision. This service allows businesses to thoroughly test their designs, refine them, and bring their products to market quickly.

Our expertise extends to overmolding services, a valuable process in many industries. Whether you’re creating medical devices or consumer products, our overmolding techniques can enhance the durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal of your plastic parts.

In the automotive industry, precise and durable parts are non-negotiable. That’s why Marlee – Texen is a preferred company for automotive injection molding. With our superior services, we’ve established ourselves as one of the top suppliers in Massachusetts.

Choosing Marlee – Texen means choosing exceptional customer support along with high-quality molding services. We’re here to guide you through every step of your project, ensuring the final product meets your exact specifications.

Exceptional Customer Service and Support

At Marlee – Texen, our dedicated customer service and support team exceeds expectations by offering an unparalleled level of guidance throughout your project. Specializing in insert molding, our expert team provides comprehensive training to ensure each plastic injection molding part produced meets the desired precision and quality.

We also provide complete tooling and fabrication solutions for your custom needs. Whether you’re new to injection molding or want to refine your existing process, our team’s service offers technical insights to enhance the design and manufacturing stages of your project.

Marlee – Texen’s commitment to exceptional service extends to our quality assurance in molding. Our product quality team ensures every part undergoes rigorous testing and meets industrial standards before entering the market.

We understand the need for speed in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why we offer rapid injection molding, ensuring your product reaches the market quickly without compromising on quality.

Our resin selection assistance service is another testament to our comprehensive support. Our team guides you in choosing the ideal resin, ensuring the final part matches the exact requirements of your project.

As one of the top suppliers in Massachusetts, Marlee – Texen is more than a plastic injection molding service. We are your partner in creating precise, high-quality solutions that drive your business forward.

We Are The Right Plastic Injection
Molding Partners For Any Job

Looking for the perfect plastic injection molding partner to bring your ideas to life? Look no further than Marlee – Texen’s molding services! At the Marlee – Texen Boston location, we understand the intricacies of plastic injection molding like no one else. Our highly skilled team utilizes state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques to deliver impeccable results every time. 

Whether you need precision components for a medical device, durable parts for automotive applications, or intricate designs for consumer products, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your requirements

We take pride in our ability to tackle complex projects, offering customized solutions that suit your specific needs. From design assistance to prototyping and production, our comprehensive services ensure a seamless journey from concept to finished product.

Our Location
Global Manufacturing Facilities

Explore Marlee – Texen's state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, showcasing our cutting-edge technology and industry-leading solutions.

Headquarters Overview

Get an inside look at our central hub, where innovation, research, and strategic decision-making converge to drive the company's success.

Regional Offices and Distribution Centers

Learn about Marlee – Texen's local presence, with a strategically located office and distribution center, ensuring efficient service and support to customers worldwide

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Designing, Manufacturing, and Fulfillment. Looking for all your plastic manufacturing requirements under one roof?
Frequently Asked Questions

Marlee – Texen sets itself apart through its commitment to excellence, exceptional customer service, and extensive industry experience. As a trusted manufacturer of custom injection molded components, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Issues during plastic injection molding can include surface defects, warping, sink marks, flash, and dimensional variations. At Marlee – Texen, we employ quality control measures to minimize these issues and ensure high-quality products.

Absolutely! Marlee – Texen specializes in large-scale production orders for plastic injection molding. Our state-of-the-art facility and experienced team enable us to efficiently meet high-volume demands while maintaining product quality and consistency.

Marlee – Texen is equipped with advanced technology and a skilled engineering team capable of handling complex mold designs. We offer expertise in design optimization, mold flow analysis, and precise tooling to ensure successful production of intricate plastic parts.

One common misconception is that plastic injection molding is only suitable for simple shapes. In reality, Marlee – Texen can produce complex and intricate designs with precision using advanced molding techniques and equipment.

Overmolding is beneficial in scenarios where multiple materials or colors are required in a single plastic part. It provides enhanced durability, improved aesthetics, and added functionality. Marlee – Texen offers overmolding solutions to meet diverse customer requirements.

Marlee – Texen has a steadfast commitment to quality assurance. We have stringent processes in place, from the initial design phase to the final inspection of the completed product. Our dedicated team ensures that every component manufactured meets the highest quality standards.

Marlee – Texen maintains strict quality control measures throughout the plastic injection molding process. We conduct thorough inspections, perform dimensional checks, and implement statistical process control (SPC) techniques to ensure consistent, high-quality products.

Yes, Marlee – Texen offers design support services to help customers optimize their product designs for plastic injection molding. Our engineering team can provide valuable insights and recommendations for design modifications or enhancements to improve manufacturability and cost-effectiveness.

At Marlee – Texen, we are committed to environmental sustainability. We strive to minimize waste through efficient production processes and recycle or reuse materials whenever possible. Additionally, we comply with all relevant environmental regulations and promote eco-friendly practices.

Yes, Marlee – Texen offers custom color matching services to meet specific customer requirements. Our team can work with various pigments and masterbatch additives to achieve precise color matching for your plastic parts.

Marlee – Texen prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing personalized service, timely communication, and reliable support throughout the plastic injection molding process. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and deliver high-quality products that meet or exceed their expectations.

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