Luxury & Beauty

Marlee – Texen crafts elegance with precision, offering specialized injection molding services that cater to the luxury and beauty sector’s high standards.

Luxury & Beauty Vision

The Luxury and Beauty Business Unit is addressed by its TEXEN Division. TEXEN develops and produces either standard or made-to-measure, eco-friendly solutions for 4 markets: makeup, skin care, fragrances, and spirits. At Marlee – Texen, we produce millions of parts for this specific market.

We wish to accelerate the eco-transition of Luxury & Beauty packaging as market leader. We’ve based our roadmap on this vision, drawing upon the group’s dual values of “High Standards and Care”. This roadmap is resolutely geared towards strengthening our offering, driven by a shared eco-design drive. It prioritizes innovation through 4.0 agile industrial processes and new product ranges that all contribute to ecological transition.

What We Can
Do For You?

A top-class partner and premium plastic parts and packaging manufacturer for the Luxury & Beauty Industry.

Man smiling outdoors in casual wear.

High-Quality Materials

We use high-quality industrial-grade resins to manufacture premium Luxury & Beauty products.

Man smiling outdoors in casual wear.

R&D Center in France

Our robust research and development is a hub of creation and innovation.

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Fully-Fledged Manufacturing Facility

State of the art facility for Luxury & Beauty plastic injection molded parts.

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Shorter Lead Time

Quick production and product delivery at great value

Use Cases
Glass skincare bottles with wooden caps
Durable and long-lasting plastic packaging injection molding

We offer superior quality primary and secondary packaging injection molded plastics for luxury and beauty products.

Makeup brushes and skincare products on bathroom counter.
Aesthetically pleasing skincare and cosmetic accessories and casings

Scientific mold design helps us produce attractive and practical plastic parts like caps, bottles, applicators, compacts, etc.

Woman applying facial cream at home.
Safe and skin-friendly plastic designed at dedicated trial centers

Our injection molding experts conduct deep research and development to produce safe and skin-friendly plastic parts.

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Marlee – Texen
Industrialization &
Manufacturing Process

Research & Development
Our professional team efficiently works on our client's manufacturing concept design and development of their products.
In our experienced hands, the most efficient manufacturing process will be set-up for our clients.
Qualification & Validation
After molding and post-molding, we conduct process and product validation tests to ensure functionality and quality.
We are ready to manufacture your product on a small, medium or large scale with the highest quality standards and most efficient manufacturing process.
Engineering Resins
Material Types
Commodity Resins

Growing globally
With Expertise

Custom-Tailored Injection Molded Plastics

The Luxury & Beauty Industry is vast, and we understand the need for innovation. With our high-quality and selected resins, we successfully produce custom-tailored injection-molded plastics with expert design and execution.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our shorter time leads, quality products, and competitive pricing make us a prefered choice across industries worldwide. No doubt we continue to expand in the USA and internationally.

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