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The Importance of Biocompatible
Plastics in Medical Devices

In the intricate world of Medical Device Design, the selection of High-Quality Materials for Medical Injection Molding plays a pivotal role. A critical aspect of this process lies in the Importance of Biocompatible Plastics in Medical Devices, and this is where we position our expertise.

Biocompatible plastics, also known as Bio-Compatible Plastics, are essential for ensuring the safety and functionality of a medical device. They are engineered to interact with the human body without causing any adverse reaction. This feature is paramount in the industry, where patient safety and assurance of product functionality are non-negotiable.

At Marlee – Texen, we are stringent about Biocompatibility Testing. Our medical-grade materials undergo rigorous testing to meet the required standards. We are adamant about quality, from the selection of polymer materials to their transformation into a functional part of a medical device.

Our range of biodegradable plastics and polymer materials are expertly chosen to ensure the highest grade of biocompatibility. Our offerings include: 

Our team’s expertise in medical device design ensures that the selection of these materials is tailored to the specific requirements of each project. We believe that every part of the process, from initial prototype design to final delivery, is integral to the successful operation of a medical device.

To uphold this principle, we invest in state-of-the-art biocompatibility testing protocols. Our robust testing ensures that our plastics are not only safe for patient use but also contribute to the efficient operation of the devices they form. In this way, we assure both the quality and safety of our products.

Marlee – Texen is committed to providing superior solutions that cater to the demanding needs of the medical device industry. We guarantee high-quality materials, stringent testing, and dedicated service to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations. 

Our Range of Materials:
From Polyproplyene to PEEK

In the demanding field of Medical Device Design, the choice of High-Quality Materials for Medical Injection Molding is critical. An essential consideration in this sector is the range of materials available, from Polypropylene to PEEK. At Marlee – Texen, we excel in providing a comprehensive array of materials to ensure your project’s success.

Our Material Selection is extensive and industry-leading. Our expertise encompasses everything from robust Plastic Medical Enclosures to flexible Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). Our team’s adeptness at High-Temperature Molding ensures we can work with a variety of Polymer Materials to achieve your project’s specific needs.

The process of injection molding is complex and requires precision at every stage. Every part we create for your medical device is injection molded to exact specifications, guaranteeing performance and safety. Our thorough selection process, extensive product development capabilities, and advanced process management set us apart in the industry.

In terms of design, we deploy state-of-the-art tools and equipment to create intricate components and assemblies. Every machine we use is operated by expert manufacturers, proficient in handling delicate materials like silicone, vital in the creation of a myriad of implants and medical device parts.

Our precision in molding extends beyond materials like polypropylene and PEEK. We are also a leading producer of micro-molding components, crucial in the development of advanced medical technologies. Our precision welding processes ensure seamless joins between components, maintaining the integrity of the overall device.

From Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) molding to complex micro-molding processes, we ensure that every enclosure, packaging solution, and component we create meets the highest industry standards.

At Marlee – Texen, we excel in high-volume production while maintaining meticulous quality control. We deploy advanced flow analysis to optimize the production process, and our commitment to creating safe, effective disposable medical products is unwavering. 

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Stringent Quality Control
and Regulatory Compliance

Within the realm of 

Medical Injection Molding

, Stringent Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance serve as the bedrock of our operations at Marlee – Texen. We are recognized as one of the leading 

Medical Injection Molding Companies

 in the industry, primarily due to our unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards and adherence to stringent regulations.

Marlee – Texen is a 

Medical Plastic Injection Molding Company

 that comprehensively aligns with FDA Regulations and maintains an unwavering commitment to Medical Standards Compliance. We are proud holders of ISO 13485 certification, which underscores our commitment to quality and safety in the production of medical devices. Our Validation Process is thorough and rigorous, ensuring every part and component we produce is safe, effective, and reliable.

Our approach to Quality Control is exhaustive. From the initial design and injection phase of Medical Injection Molding to the final assembly and packaging of your device, our team ensures every step of the process is controlled, monitored, and optimized. We understand that the end-use of our products is in the critical healthcare sector, making the safety and functionality of each part and medical device we produce a non-negotiable priority.

At Marlee – Texen, we adhere strictly to both ISO and FDA standards. Every regulation is taken into account, and compliance is guaranteed. Our processes are regularly audited, our tools and assembly procedures are meticulously maintained, and every component we produce is verified for accuracy using advanced equipment and machines.

Our team of expert manufacturers at our company is well-versed in the requirements of the industry, ensuring traceability of all parts and components, including sensitive implants. Our validation processes and quality checks make us an ideal choice for micro molding requirements in the medical industry.

As a reliable supplier in the industry, we abide by the 13485 quality management system. Our thorough risk assessment procedures ensure the highest level of safety and reliability in our products.

Cleanroom Manufacturing:
Ensuring Sterility and Safety

At Marlee – Texen, recognized as a 

Top Medical Plastic Injection Molding Company

, we prioritize Stringent Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance. Our operations underscore the importance of ensuring Patient Safety and delivering high-quality medical products through our state-of-the-art injection molding facilities.

Our Medical Injection Molding services are meticulously carried out in the confines of our advanced Cleanroom Manufacturing facilities. These environments ensure the sterility and safety of every device and medical device part we manufacture. As an industry-leading provider of plastic injection molding, our cleanroom facilities are designed to eliminate contaminants, ensuring the utmost safety for the end-user.

Every material used and every product produced at Marlee – Texen undergoes rigorous quality checks and verifications. Our comprehensive processes are aligned with top design and tool selection strategies to enable the effective assembly of components. Our equipment and machines are optimized for precision, allowing us to cater to diverse requirements, including surgical applications.

Safety is paramount in our operations. Our Cleanroom Molding and Sterilization Techniques are implemented with a deep understanding of the importance of safety in medical device manufacturing. We also offer rapid turnarounds, without ever compromising quality or safety.

Utilizing robust silicone and plastic materials, our advanced processes assure the traceability of every implant, mold, and micro-molded part. Our stringent quality control measures ensure that every weld and polymer application aligns with the highest industry standards. Our in-depth assessment procedures are followed by rigorous testing, guaranteeing the quality and safety of our output.

Whether you require drug delivery devices, enclosures, packaging, or disposable medical components, Marlee – Texen stands as the 

Best Medical Plastic Injection Molding Company

 to meet your needs. Our emphasis on quality assurance and medical component assembly sets us apart in the medical molding industry, making us a trusted partner for healthcare providers across the globe.

What We Can
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Marlee – Texen can produce highly dependable and best-in-class plastic injection molded parts.

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Innovation and Technological Advancements
in Medical Plastic Injection Molding

A pivotal component of the 

medical device molding

 industry is the adoption and mastery of Micro-Molding. This highly specialized mould design has allowed a significant shift in medical molding innovations. Specifically, it has been instrumental in the production of smaller, more intricate medical components, and the high-precision manufacturing of injection molded parts.

Micro-Molding technology, integrated into the comprehensive 

medical device injection molding

 process, has transformed the medical industry. This advancement ensures more efficient operation of the mold flow analysis system, leading to more precise and consistent results. It facilitates the development of medical product components, reducing the margin of error and waste during production.

Medical device injection molding, however, is not merely about the molding process but also involves detailed tooling design, stringent compliance, and rigorous regulation. In fact, Marlee – Texen has built its reputation as one of the 

top medical device injection molding companies

 by taking a comprehensive approach to molding, which includes:

Two crucial developments further highlight the profound influence of micro-molding in the field. One is the refinement of two-shot injection molding that allows for simultaneous injection of two different plastics into a single mold. This technique has significantly boosted the manufacturing efficiency of complex medical device components. The other is the potential of micro-molding to pave the way for polymer-drug conjugates, a novel innovation that could revolutionize the medical injection molding process.

In conclusion, these technological advancements in medical device injection molding have redefined the boundaries of what’s possible in the medical industry. From the smallest micro components to the most complex medical parts, these innovations have facilitated the creation of high-quality, disposable, and durable medical devices, elevating the overall standard of healthcare.

With the 

best medical device injection molding companies

 like Marlee – Texen at the forefront, the future of medical injection molding promises to deliver even greater innovation and quality analysis, optimizing flow and reducing waste. These advancements ensure that patients around the world benefit from safer, more effective medical devices, a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the medical molding sector.

Leveraging Automation for Precise
and Efficient Medical Molding Solutions

The growth and evolution of 

medical molding

 has significantly changed the landscape of the medical device production sector. Foremost 

medical molding companies

 such as Marlee – Texen have consistently leveraged technological advancements to deliver high-quality medical injection molding services, providing a seamless blend of quality and efficiency.

One of the pivotal advancements Marlee – Texen capitalizes on in their quest to be among the 

top medical molding and manufacturing

 companies is the use of automation. Leveraging advanced injection molding equipment and scientific molding principles, they ensure consistent production of high-precision medical device injection molding parts, regardless of whether it’s high-volume production or low-volume production.

Automation, combined with cutting-edge technologies like rapid prototyping, has enabled precise molding for both plastic and silicone based products. Furthermore, automation ensures enhanced cleanroom standards, paramount for medical parts production, ensuring compliance with ISO and FDA regulations.

The benefits of automation in medical molding extend to various areas of the manufacturing process, including:

A robust system of automation also offers the advantage of improved traceability, a key aspect of regulation and compliance in the medical industry. Furthermore, companies like Marlee – Texen employ overmolding techniques, contributing to their recognition as one of the 

best medical molding and manufacturing


Another significant development is the adoption of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) in the medical injection molding process. LSR is ideal for producing implantable and disposable medical devices due to its superior biocompatibility.

To conclude, automation and technological advancements in medical molding have made a significant impact on the medical device market. These advancements are not just about high-speed delivery and high-volume molding but also about maintaining safety and quality, ensuring each product meets the strictest medical grade standards.

As a leading player in the industry, Marlee – Texen continues to embrace these technological advancements, contributing to molding industry trends and setting the bar high in terms of quality and efficiency. 

Customized Solutions For
Orthopedic, Cardiovascular and Other Devices

The transformative impact of medical injection molding on the healthcare industry is a testament to its versatile applications. With its precision and efficiency, it caters to a multitude of sectors within the industry, enabling manufacturers like Marlee – Texen to produce top-tier medical devices. One of the significant contributions of this process is in the production of 

medical plastic packaging

. These tailor-made solutions not only maintain the sterility of medical products but also offer efficient storage and delivery of devices.

The range of applications for medical device injection molding is extensive, stretching across diverse medical fields. From implantable medical devices and disposable medical devices to drug delivery devices, Marlee – Texen crafts each component with the utmost precision and compliance with ISO 13485 and FDA standards. They utilize cutting-edge techniques for both short-term implants and long-term implants, ensuring optimal biocompatibility and safety.

The customization process involves a collaborative approach of Design for Manufacturing (DFM). This approach ensures every part of the device – be it orthopedic, cardiovascular, or any other field – is meticulously designed and manufactured. This process not only maximizes quality and efficiency but also significantly reduces risk and time-to-market.

Here are some key areas where Marlee – Texen’s injection molding shines: 

By keeping a keen eye on medical device market trends and continual upgrades in their production process, Marlee – Texen meets the evolving needs of the medical field. With a combination of their experience, cutting-edge equipment, and adherence to compliance, they set the gold standard in medical device manufacturing.

Moreover, Marlee – Texen’s expertise extends to the manufacturing of 

plastic medical packaging

. This critical facet of medical device production ensures the sterile and safe transport of these crucial devices, reinforcing their commitment to overall healthcare delivery.

Expertise in Molding for Surgical
Instruments and Diagnostic Equipment

Medical injection molding plays a fundamental role in the healthcare industry, touching nearly every sector with its capabilities. Its breadth of application and adaptability have made it an indispensable part of medical manufacturing. For instance, 

medical plastic products

 are the backbone of the healthcare industry, and their production hinges on the precision and reliability of injection molding.

Marlee – Texen, as a leading 

medical plastics manufacturer

, has paved the way in producing premium quality, high-performance medical device injection molding products. Their focus extends from simple disposable medical devices to more complex implantable medical devices, with a special emphasis on surgical instruments and diagnostic equipment.

Every step, from mold design to post-molding operations, including state-of-the-art plastic welding techniques, is conducted under rigorous regulation and compliance with ISO 13485 and FDA standards. With an emphasis on medical device design and medical injection molding process, Marlee – Texen offers tailor-made medical plastic products for a diverse range of applications.

Some of our noteworthy specialties include:

Beyond surgical instruments and diagnostic equipment, Marlee – Texen also specializes as a 

medical plastic products manufacturer

 in creating effective medical packaging. Their offerings ensure safety, sterility, and efficient delivery of medical devices, embodying their commitment to overall patient health and safety.

Diverse Use Cases
Medication bottles, stethoscope, and medical books on table.
Caps, containers, device components-medical plastic molding for the basics.

As the best medical plastic injection molding company, we use medical molding in the manufacturing of caps, containers, device components, and medical parts. They are needed in high volumes in pristine conditions for patient safety.

Workers in blue gowns washing hands at industrial sink
Cost-effective solutions for the Hygiene Industry

Medical device molding features both high quality and high volume at the best value are a specialty at Marlee – Texen.

Patient with leg brace using crutches during physiotherapy.
Thermoplastic injection molding in orthopedics and sports medicine.

Medical device injection molding process is used in bone repair and rearrangement. It is also used for soft tissue reattachment.

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Marlee – Texen
Industrialization &
Manufacturing Process
Research & Development
As one of the top medical device injection molding companies, we are committed to quality. Our professional team efficiently works on our client's manufacturing concept design and development of their injection molded medical products.
In our experienced hands as one of the best medical device injection molding companies, the most efficient manufacturing process will be set-up for our clients, adhering to ISO standards and FDA regulations.
Qualification & Validation
After medical molding and post-molding, we conduct process and product validation tests to ensure functionality and quality, meeting the strict quality standards of the medical industry.
We are ready to manufacture your product on a small, medium, or large scale with the highest quality standards. Our top medical molding and manufacturing molding facility is equipped with advanced injection molding equipment and capabilities.

Material Types

The Final Touches

Pad Printing and Silk Screening

We provide services like pad printing and silk screening to put 2-D designs on 3-D surfaces. These designs can be customized for labeling, branding, etc. We use standard colors and Pantone matching.

Post Molding Machining

Additional CNC machining is provided after thermoplastic injection molding. We can also put metal inserts into medical plastic parts by heat pressing.

Marlee – Texen is committed to providing safe, high-quality, and timely services. Start your project today!
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