Injection molding

Marlee – Texen delivers expertly tailored injection molding services that fuse innovation with efficiency, setting the standard for quality and precision in every industry.

Reliable, Cost-effective, & customised injection molding

Marlee – Texen is recognised for innovation, multi-process engineering, and eco-responsible models. We use the best materials and processes for making children’s toys and sports equipment. With our experience and expertise in beauty, healthcare and household, we are stepping into the sports and toys sector to reform the industry.

What We Can
Do For You?

A dedicated team with our feet firmly established in both research and development.

High standard quality

We ensure that everything, including raw material, is of top quality.

ISO-Certified and FDA-Approved

Our products are certified as a testament to high quality and reliability.

Sophisticated Engineering

We employ world class technology and advanced manufacturing processes.

Global Presence

We provide injection molding services to our loyal customers globally.

Use Cases
Yellow plastic construction toy parts on table.
Using injection molding to manufacture training equipment

Training equipment like core wheel trainers, versaballs, balls, chairs can be manufactured with the help of top notch injection molding.

Engineer with laptop in industrial setting
Get exceptional 3D and functional prototypes

Our result-driven overmolding and injection molding services aid in rapid production of custom prototypes.

Check out our website to learn more about our injection molding services.

Marlee – Texen
Prototype Process

Abstract purple geometric background design.

Upload your files

Add the required files to our website with a simple drag and drop.

Purple background with partial white symbol.

Get instant estimates

According to your product type and requirements our team will estimate a quote for you.
Purple square with missing corner design.

Track your order

Follow the process using our automatic status tracking system that keeps you updated.

Material Types

Final Results

Customised solutions

We offer various plastic injection molding materials to provide potential solutions. Our finished product always surpasses our client's quality expectations as we only use materials with high impact strength, durability, and flexibility.

Client satisfaction

From choosing the raw material to giving the product a perfect finish, every step ensures that the end prodauct fulfils our customer's expectations.

For the best injection molding services at affordable prices, contact us today!
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