Cost and time-efficient injection molding by Marlee – Texen

Reliable, Cost-effective, & customised injection molding

Marlee – Texen is recognized for innovation, multi-process engineering, and eco-responsible models. We use the best materials and processes for making children’s toys. Our injection molding service is designed for your industry needs including, high-volume production and functional prototyping.

What We Can
Do For You?

Marlee – Texen provides the best injection molding, mold building, and customized work cells services. We also provide customers with flexible toy manufacturing solutions.

Expertise & experience

We are ISO Certified/FDA Registered & have rich experience in designing and processing children’s toys.

Meticulous & reliability

Our team is adept at making complete and quality injection molds for toys on time.

Durability at best

We make toys with long-lasting materials with high tensile strength and durability.

Eliminate risk efficiently

We never let supply chain issues arise and maintain quality with in-house tooling and fast production.

Use Cases
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Get Innovative Plastic injection molding for children's toys

Our excellent plastic injection molding services guarantee high quality, complex design, & lightweight toys.

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Enjoy the seamless process of molding, assembling, packing & delivery!

From reduction in waste to incredible color decoration, we offer accuracy, flexibility in material, and finish along with fast mass production.

ml 3
Get exceptional 3D and functional prototypes.​

Our result-oriented over-molding and insert molding services help produce custom prototypes fast. 

Hurry! Contact us for sustainable, durable, and innovative toys with incredible plastic design.

Marlee – Texen
Prototype Process

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Upload files securely

You can upload 2d or 3d files easily on our secure platform and relax while you get your work done.

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Get quote immediately

Dial our number to discover how much our services cost. You can also compare costs before finalising a deal

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Track order till delivery

Monitor your order all the way going towards delivery and get automatic updates from our system.
Material Types

Final Results

Customized solutions tailored for your

We offer various plastic injection molding materials to provide potential solutions. Our finished product always surpasses our client's quality expectations as we only use materials with high impact strength, durability, and flexibility.

Offering Client satisfaction above all

We maintain consistent quality and on-time delivery with the help of an innovative & automatic software system designed to guarantee quality at all stages from order to delivery.

Why wait? Get top-quality molded toys after full inspection with quality tools by Marlee experts. Contact us now!
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