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with Precise Plastic Injection Molding

Flawlessly manufactured designed and high-level 

plastic injection molding service

s, made with the latest technology.

What Can Marlee – Texen
Do for Your Business?

Offering the best plastic injection molding services and mold design services, we focus on providing our clients with customizable injection designs and spectacular services. We have a team of thoroughly experienced technicians and cutting-edge technology that produce only high-quality products.

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Custom Molding

We are one of the top injection molding service companies, designing and manufacturing plastic parts to cater our customers’ quality and special needs.

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Quick Turn

Marlee – Texen guarantees fast and high-quality products in large volumes to its clients. With the rapidly evolving market, you need a ‘plastic injection molding services near me’ that produces precise devices within your timeline and budget.

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We provide over-molding and insert-molding capabilities for all industries. Whatever your idea or design is, we can turn it into an elegant and functional reality. Your search for the ‘plastic injection molding service near me’ is over.

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Not only do we provide custom plastic injection molding, but with our tool shop and tool expertise, we also help you maintain your injection molds and repair them in case necessary. Marlee – Texen has a whole building as a tool shop. This provides our customers looking for the ‘best plastic injection molding services near me’ an advantage at a great value.

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Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is an advantage for our customers. We make prototype tools before large-scale production begins, so you can obtain the necessary feedback and approval. Trust one of the ‘top plastic injection molding services near me.’

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Precision Molding

We take pride in ourmold design servicesand our ability to manufacture the most intricate products with the utmost precision. Our impeccable tool and manufacture design is made possible with extensive research, an innovative approach, and continuous concept generation.

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Added Value Operation

We offer some post-molding benefits like pad printing, silk-screening, heat pressing, etc. to promote your brand or beautify your product.

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FDA Registered Company

Marlee – Texen is an FDA-approved company as we are committed to providing the safest and best options for injection mold design service to our clients.

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Plastic Injection Molding

The art and science of 

molding services

 encompass a variety of techniques, but at the forefront stands the process of plastic injection molding. It’s a manufacturing method that, despite its complexity, has revolutionized industries worldwide. But what is it exactly? Let’s decode the injection molding process together.

The injection molding process is a symphony of precision and expertise. In simple terms, it’s a process where molten plastic is injected under high pressure into a mold, and once cooled, the plastic takes the shape of the mold, giving us our desired part or product. The injection molding process uses a special piece of equipment known as an injection molding machine. This machine, combined with a well-designed mold – a testament to our excellent 

mold making service

 – forms the core of the process.

Our injection molding service stand as one of the best injection molding service companies in the industry, not just because we follow the process meticulously but also because we bring years of injection molding experience to the table. The injection of plastic into the injection mold is done with utmost precision to ensure uniformity and quality. And remember, molding is the process that not only shapes the plastic but your dreams into reality. The process requires an injection molding machine and a well-crafted mold. Requires an injection molding machine, yes, but it also requires the expertise and the steadfast commitment to quality that we promise to deliver to our clients every single time.

Types of
Plastic Injection Molding

At the core of our 

Injection Molding Service

 lies a deep understanding of the myriad types of plastic injection molding. This expertise allows us to tailor our processes to your unique needs, resulting in precision and quality that are unparalleled. The type of injection molding employed varies based on the design, application, and the type of plastic materials used.

One such process that finds extensive use in various industries is overmolding. Overmolding involves injecting a layer of plastic over a preformed plastic part, resulting in a single piece with multiple materials. This process can be custom-made to suit your project requirements. Insert molding, another popular method, involves encapsulating an object, often metal, within molded plastic. In contrast, thin-wall molding is predominantly used when creating products such as plastic bottles and food containers that require thin walls for lightweight and quick cooling.

Being one of the 

Best Injection Molding Service Companies

, we provide a wide range of plastic injection molding services, including custom plastic injection molding services. Whether you need high-precision medical equipment or everyday plastic products, our process ensures that every plastic part is designed and molded with precision. The raw plastic is melted, and injection molding is used to inject it into a mold. Once cooled, the result is a plastic injection molded part, tailored to your specifications. Through every step of the plastic injection molding process, our focus remains on delivering quality and exceeding your expectations.

What We Can
Do For You?
Marlee – Texen can produce highly reliable and best in-class plastic injection molded products, preferred by the entire market.
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Commitment To Clients

Marlee – Texen allows our clients to thrive by taking the burden of the production and injection molding process on itself.

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Eco-Design Model

Our company’s well-thought-out model allows for an ecological transition.

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Up-To-Date Methods

Marlee – Texen use innovative and cutting-edge methods to produce the design you want.

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Innovation & Creativity

We offer solutions and consultations that are innovative yet affordable.

Marlee – Texen
Injection Molding Capabilities
The world of plastic injection molding is rich with possibilities, thanks to a wide variety of materials used in the process. The choice of material greatly impacts the final product’s properties and performance. When exploring Commonly Used Materials in Injection Molding, a few stand out due to their favorable characteristics and versatility.
Among these commonly used injection molding materials, the list is topped by polyethylene, both high and low density, due to its resistance to impact, moisture, and chemicals. Polypropylene, known for its high melting point and elasticity, is another frequently used material, especially for products that need to withstand high temperatures. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), an engineered plastic, is preferred for its strength, toughness, and resistance to high temperatures. In every case, the chosen plastic material is first melted in the injection unit of the molding machine before being injected into the mold.

As one of the 

Top Injection Molding Service Companies

, we understand that the material selection is crucial. That’s why we ensure that the material, once melted in the injection unit, is precisely controlled during the process to avoid defects, ensuring that it solidifies into the final plastic part with desired characteristics. If you are looking for high-quality, reliable 

Injection Molding Services Near Me

, you have come to the right place. We use a range of materials, each carefully selected and tested, to meet the high standards set for the final plastic part.

The Right Material
for Your Project

The key to success in any injection molding endeavor is Choosing the Right Material for Your Project. Your choice of material affects not just the end product, but the entire production process as well. As a customer-centric provider of 

Plastic Injection Molding Services Near Me

, we believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

In the injection molding process, the material selection can impact the design, the final part, and the overall quality of the product. Therefore, it is essential to consider factors like the product’s purpose, the environment it will be used in, and the physical and chemical stresses it will endure. Whether you need a heat-resistant, flexible, or transparent part, we can guide you through the materials that best meet your injection molding design specifications. If you’re working on a prototype or a custom injection project, we’ll help you navigate through the complexities of material selection to ensure optimal performance.

Regarded as one of the 

Best Plastic Injection Molding Services Near Me

, we stand by our commitment to exceptional quality and customer service. Our experts will assist you throughout your injection molding project, providing you with valuable insights and injection molding case studies. We take pride in our ability to shepherd parts from design to production seamlessly, ensuring that each step is handled with meticulous care and precision.

Unsure of what material best fits your project? We're here to help!

Marlee – Texen
Industrialization &
Manufacturing Process

Research & Development
Our professional team efficiently works on our client's manufacturing concept design and development of their products.
In our experienced hands, the most efficient manufacturing process will be set-up for our clients.
Qualification & Validation
After molding and post-molding, we conduct process and product validation tests to ensure functionality and quality.
We are ready to manufacture your product on a small, medium or large scale with the highest quality standards and most efficient manufacturing process.

Industries Where Our
Molding Services Apply

Our services extend to a multitude of sectors, each with their unique requirements and specifications. If you’re searching for one of the 

Top Plastic Injection Molding Services Near Me

, you’ve found the right manufacturer. As a leading injection molding manufacturer, we’ve honed our skills and expertise to cater to industries as diverse as automotive, electronics, medical devices, aerospace, and consumer products. Our precision, consistency, and attention to detail have earned us a reputation as a trusted molding partner.

We work within a global network of molding suppliers, ensuring we have the resources to meet any demand, no matter how complex or substantial. Whether you need small, intricate components for medical devices or robust parts for automotive applications, we’re equipped to deliver with excellence. Our adept team provides top-notch 

Mold Design Services

, producing designs that streamline production, enhance quality, and reduce costs.

Choosing the right injection molding company can make a significant difference in the success of your product. With our broad range of manufacturing services, we stand out among other molding companies. We commit to meeting your deadlines, maintaining your budgets, and delivering superior quality. That’s why, when it comes to injection molding manufacturing, we’re the preferred choice for businesses across the spectrum of industries.

Practical Applications
of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding serves a multitude of applications across various sectors, each characterized by the production of high-quality injection molded parts. Be it automotive, consumer products, or medical devices, the list of sectors benefiting from this technology is virtually endless. As one of the leading providers of 

Injection Mold Design Services

, we work with our clients right from conceptualization to the production of intricate parts and assemblies. Whether you require a few samples or large-scale injection molding orders, we’ve got you covered.

Our ability to produce both molded prototypes and production parts sets us apart. We focus on providing high-quality injection molded components, ensuring that each piece meets the rigorous standards of our clients. With our refined molding manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure precision and efficiency in every manufacturing process. We also offer specialized services like insert molding and assembly services, extending our capabilities beyond just molding. Whether you are in the early stages of product development or ready for mass production, our 

Top Plastic Injection Mold Design Services

 are at your disposal.

The journey doesn’t end with the creation of the production tooling. We stay with our clients throughout the injection molding production phase, ensuring the consistent output of production parts. Each production mold is rigorously tested for quality and performance, ensuring that our clients receive only the best quality injection molded parts. It’s the diversity of these applications that makes us a preferred choice in the world of molding processes.

Advantages of Our
of Plastic Injection Molding

Choosing our 

plastic injection services

 comes with a wide array of benefits. Our 

Best Plastic Injection Mold Design Services

 encompass not only standard but also custom injection molding service. We strive to meet your unique project requirements, giving you a free injection molding consultation to tailor our services to your needs. With us, you receive a personalized injection molding service to match the complexity and scale of your project, ensuring top-notch quality every time.

One of our key strengths lies in our fast delivery times. We offer rapid injection molding, ensuring that your projects are completed within the stipulated deadlines without compromising the quality. We understand the importance of time-to-market in today’s competitive landscape. Therefore, our online injection molding service allows you to order your parts with a few clicks, saving your valuable time.
Our impressive molding capabilities and extensive injection molding capabilities extend across a wide range of materials and industries. We use a carefully optimized manufacturing process that aligns with the precise needs of your project. The plastic injection molding process at our facilities has been fine-tuned to reduce cost and enhance efficiency. Furthermore, to provide full transparency, we offer an online calculator to estimate the cost of the tool upfront. You can get an online quote instantly to kickstart your project with us.
How We Overcome
Challenges in Plastic Injection Molding

In the world of plastic injection molding, overcoming challenges is part of our daily commitment. We have positioned ourselves as a leading 

injection molding machine service

 by proactively tackling issues and offering top-notch solutions.

The process of plastic injection molding may come with various challenges, but our expertise and cutting-edge technology help us navigate these smoothly. For instance, we understand that the heart of the injection molding process lies within the tool or machine used. Our well-maintained molding machines and precisely crafted mold tools help us achieve superior precision and accuracy. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex injection mold tooling projects, no matter the size or volume.
In addition, we have gained significant experience in making molds with low rates of defect. Each new injection mold we create undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure it meets our exacting standards. We also invest heavily in training our team and upgrading our injection molding resources to stay ahead of industry trends and to serve you better.

Lastly, we’re proud to offer the 

top injection machine service

 in the industry. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction drives us to excel and tackle any challenge head-on.

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Material Types
Commodity Resins
Don't hesitate to reach out for any inquires or assistance required about our injection molding services.
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