Precision, Value, and
Innovation in Plastic Molding

Step into a world of advanced plastic injection molding with Marlee – Texen, where we transform your ideas into high-quality, value-added products using eco-friendly processes and innovative methods.

What We Excel At

At Marlee – Texen we provide high-end plastic injection molding and added value services. We focus on ensuring that our clients get extraordinary service with manufacturing as per their specifications. Our team consists of highly talented engineers who create exceptional products. Opting us guarantees that the products are the best in the market. 

Added Value Services: 

  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Decoration
  • Molding Simulation (Independent Lab)
  • Sterilization (sub-contracted)
What We Can
Do For You?

Marlee – Texen can provide you with reliable and high-quality plastic injection molded products.

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Dedication Towards Customers

At Marlee – Texen, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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Eco-Friendly Design

We incorporate environmentally friendly products in all our designs.

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Revolutionary Methods

We're constantly on the lookout for new methods to push the boundaries of what's possible.

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Knowledgeable Team

The Texen team consists of individuals who consistently outperform expectations.

Use Cases
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High-grade plastic injection services with an emphasis on quality

Marlee – Texen is known for its specialized plastic production. We can make your models into reality.

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Prompt and ordered assembly and labeling services by experts

Our workforce ensures that our assembly and labeling processes are unrivaled in the industry.

To know more about our added value operation services, give us a call today.

Material Types
Commodity Resins


Cost-Saving in Products

We help customers save on expenses by redesigning products, resulting in as much as 20% weight reductions. Our efficient products and methods save time and the steps needed.

Mold design and Counterfeit Options

We have successfully reduced the number of cavities by redesigning the injection molds. We also integrate counterfeiting options so that our customers can easily reduce exposure.

To get the best added value operation services in the market, contact Marlee – Texen.

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