Precision Injection Molding Process

Precision Injection Molding Process

Precision injection molding is a very rarely used technique of injection molding that is applied only when unusually high precision is required. The process of manufacturing plastic parts with tight tolerances starts with a high-precision mold. Marlee – Texen understands how to build a high-precision tool.

What We Can
Do For You?

Provide the best precision injection molding services you require.

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Plastic Precision Molding Services

We ensure that all the parts supplied are accurate in measure.

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Experienced Team

Our expert team provides the molding and manufacturing guidance where precision is required.

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Plastic Precision Injection Molding

Marlee – Texen support you determining the best tool concept and resin selection.

Use Cases
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Creating precise and accurate surgical equipment with plastic molding

Plastic Precision Injection molding is often used in creating precise surgical equipment that has a low shrinkage tolerance.

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Plastic precision injection molding to create smartphone parts

High plastic precision injection molding is often used to create smartphone parts. They are small-scale and require high precision.

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High plastic precision injection molding in automotive parts creation

Certain Automotive parts have very low shrinkage tolerance and therefore use high plastic precision injection molding to create them.

Precision and accuracy are our promises. Contact us to know more.

Material Types
Commodity Resins


High-Quality Products

We ensure that our customers receive high-quality products every time they choose us. Our products go through stringent tests to meet all the requirements of our customers.

Lightweight and Precision

We ensure that the final product is lightweight and that the design is accurate. Our injection molded parts easily capture all the intricacies of your design.​

Get precision products made according to your needs with precision injection molding. Get in touch now.
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