Shaping The Future
Of Plastic Injection Molding

Unlock the power of precision and innovation with Marlee – Texen, your one-stop destination for world-class tool maintenance, repair services, and eco-friendly plastic molding solutions.

Top-Notch Tool Maintenance And Repair Services

We take pride in knowing that we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of service, quality, and value. Marlee – Texen plastic injection services include continuous improvement, cost reductions, and providing worldwide solutions. Our experience and facilities illustrate our commitment to providing the best solutions possible to our customers.

What We Can
Do For You?

Our goods are used in a variety of applications.

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Through its knowledge and creativity, Marlee – Texen aspires to transform materials.

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Committment Torwards Enviornment

We protect the environment while allowing individuals to grow.

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Eco-design is one of the major values in ecological transition.

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Innovative Ideas

We use innovation to provide eco-friendly solutions to savvy consumers.

Use Cases
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Marlee – Texen partners with the best in class Medical companies

Marlee – Texen works with both established and start-up medical device firms to deliver fully integrated manufacturing solutions.

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Make your customized injection with Marlee – Texen

Marlee – Texen, situated in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, is your partner for custom plastic injection mold parts and all the necessary services for your injection tools.

For your plastic injection molding needs contact Marlee – Texen Today

Marlee – Texen
Industrialization &
Manufacturing Process
Research & Development
Our professional team efficiently works on our client's manufacturing concept design and development of their products.
In our experienced hands, the most efficient manufacturing process will be set-up for our clients.
Qualification & Validation
After molding and post-molding, we conduct process and product validation tests to ensure functionality and quality.
We are ready to manufacture your product on a small, medium or large scale with the highest quality standards and most efficient manufacturing process.
Material Types
Commodity Resins

Marlee – Texen provides the best quality injection molding maintenance and repair services

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